Leaving Corporate America? Consider a Trampoline Park Franchise

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Life is full of twists and turns and, if we’re lucky, we’ll take some exciting detours along the way. A wedding engagement, addition to the family, or even a haircut can kickstart a season of new beginnings. As the family entertainment industry continues to evolve, plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs are finding a fresh start in the form of a trampoline park franchise.

Established systems, ongoing support and operational guidance can make a foray into entrepreneurship more tangible. Plus, with franchise businesses projected to see a 3.1 percent growth in jobs, this fast-growing community is certainly not short on opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve decided that a new professional path may be the most fulfilling option for you. But, when exactly is the right time to leave Corporate America and open an indoor trampoline park franchise?

Here are just a few ways to tell if the time is right:

  • You’re ready to be challenged. The decision to leave Corporate America is a huge one. It will require a great deal of time, energy and sweat equity. However, on the other side of this transition to franchise business ownership is an incredible opportunity to grow personally and professionally.
  • You’re craving community. Trampoline park franchise systems tend to offer multiple avenues for franchise support, including annual gatherings, webinars, and ongoing guidance. In this industry, you’re sure to find a network of entrepreneurs just like you who are eager to share their expertise.
  • You’re looking to make an impact. Big Air offers owner-operators an opportunity to make a long-term impact among local youth and families – that’s what makes us different. With each new trampoline park, we’re introducing a new standard of family amusement that prioritizes safety, ambiance and innovation. We’re always looking for entrepreneurs who would love to share that with their local area.

The corporate model is just one of many ways to make a difference. If you’re looking for a new venture, franchising may be a viable option. Big Air Trampoline Park is committed to supporting early retirees from all professional walks of life through our comprehensive franchise program. Download our free franchise report or want to know what our trampoline park franchise costs are. Read Big Airs  Franchise Facts page to learn more.

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