COVID-19: What our family is doing to protect yours

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Big Air Family,

To all our wonderful Big Air guests all around the United States, thank you for being part of our family. We really do think of you like that – FAMILY. As such, everything we do in the operation of our parks is designed to create a fun, safe, and clean environment where our loved ones can create memories that last a lifetime!

COVID-19 Response
To start, there have been absolutely no cases of COVID-19 in any Big Air park. As founding members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP), Big Air actually helped write many of the standards used to govern our industry. Across the country, our parks are second to none in terms of facility cleanliness and guest safety. Here’s just a few of the things we are doing to ensure your safety:

Park Cleanliness and Standards
While our standard park cleaning protocols have always far exceeded the industry norms, we are taking things a huge step further. Our already stringent cleaning schedules have been amplified.

  • Use of medical-grade, child-safe cleaning products proven to be Corona virus effective.
  • Foam Pits, air bags, handholds, and all attractions cleaned and sanitized nightly.
  • All foam pits entirely emptied, vacuumed, sanitized and refluffed weekly.
  • Every single mat wiped down with approved sanitizing cleaners, daily.
  • Every single pad wiped down and scrubbed with approved sanitizing cleaners, daily.  
  • Every single table and surface disinfected using approved cleaners, multiple times daily.
  • Increased employee education and allowances regarding sick leave.
  • Health checks of all employees prior to each shift.
  • Complete alignment with all CDC requirements and recommendations.

Guest Support
Our parks have always maintained the highest levels of guest education and expectations for guest actions. Handwashing, safety training videos, and in-person guest instruction all help us help you be safe! But we’re doing even more than ever.

  • Increased waterless handwashing stations throughout our park, typically at every single attraction.
  • Employee reminders to younger children regarding frequent handwashing.
  • Increased Party guest education, helping your guests feel safe attending your party.
  • Increased flexibility for party rebookings in cases of need.

Reduction in Park Capacity
In order to effectively play our part in the communities we serve, and out of an abundance of caution, Big Air has taken the unprecedented move of temporarily limiting park capacity by 25%. In this way, guests will have even more room to play within our parks, with even greater confidence in their own safety. Additionally, Big Air Parks will remain in close contact with state and local government officials, ensuring compliance with any additional community mandates.

The message is clear: Big Air Parks are among the safest locations for family fun. We encourage guests to follow any and all CDC recommendations. Be safe. Be vigilant. The Big Air family, and indeed the human family, will continue, and with it the memories we create as friends and families playing together.

Thank you,

Kevin Odekirk
Big Air USA

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