Buying a Business? Don’t Overlook this Funding Source!

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At long last, you’ve discovered it – a promising business venture with potential for both personal and financial returns. You’ve weighed your options, consulted with loved ones, and engaged in endless Q&A sessions with current investors. Finally, after months of consideration, you’ve pinpointed the best opportunity to suit your entrepreneurial goals.

Whether or not you’re contemplating a foray into franchising, financial planning is an inevitable part of the process. How will you fund your trampoline park business opportunity?

Big Air trampoline park franchisees are equipped with everything they need to leverage our opportunity as a thriving addition to their portfolios.

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If there’s one trend we’ve noticed, particularly in the franchise space, it’s increased curiosity in an emerging funding alternative: the 401(k) rollover.

For those who may be worried about withdrawal penalties, rolling over your existing 401(k) presents a penalty-free means of funding your business. Franchisors often partner with third-party sources, including Direct Connect Ventures, Benetrends and Guidant Financial, to help prospects identify customized funding solutions that are safe and efficient. Some franchisors also offer direct financing options to help make prospect’s entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Part of what makes our franchise model so dynamic is a keen regard for fostering growth potential. With the initial investment ranging from $1.5 to $2.3 million, we understand how much it means to see your savings manifest into something worthwhile.

Interested in learning more about how alternative funding solutions like the 401(k) rollover have helped our investors further their goals? Request more information about Big Air Franchising.

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