Innovate or Die…

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Earlier this month, our location in Laguna Hills hosted Big Air’s Battle Royale. This innovative, world-first event, influenced by the excitement and massive popularity of Epic Games’ Fortnite, turned Big Air into an exciting, fog-filled laser tag map. Because of its overwhelming success, Battle Royale is now coming to selected Big Air parks throughout the country.

The game play is simple: participants have one minute to find a laser tagger, build a fort and hide. Players then embark on a last-man-standing laser tag battle, while fog, special lighting, and pulsating electronic music keep the energy high.

“Battle Royale is just one more example of Big Air being at the forefront of trends within and without our industry,”  says Kevin Odekirk, President of Big Air. “I love working with my team, and so do others, precisely because of the amazing things they create and innovate.”

While battlers wait for their next game to start, giveaways, dance contests and a game lounge await. Speciality food & drinks are also available.

“In today’s era of virtually unlimited choice, the businesses that run off a culture of innovation will continue to thrive,” says Tyler Neill, Director of Marketing Strategy. “Battle Royale takes our existing business model and adds to it technology and a trend that’s sweeping the nation. This emphasis on innovation is what sets us apart from the competition, and is applicable across all industries.”

Big Air’s Battle Royale will continue on select nights at participating locations throughout the U.S. To find an event near you, visit us on the web at If you’re interested in franchising opportunities with Big Air, please visit

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