Who are we?

Big Air Trampoline Park is a Southern California franchise offering investors like you a business model to help them cash in on a soaring industry. After a total investment ranging from $1,494,000 to $2,262,500, you’ll have an opportunity to watch your funds grow by leaps and bounds!

Who are you?

You’re sharp and savvy, business-minded and family-focused. There’s no time for rest in your world. When the market calls, you answer – and you have the dividends to show for it. That’s why Big Air has designed a franchise program that goes above and beyond. From site selection to operational assistance, our avenues for support set your park on a path to growth in the $16 billion U.S. amusement park industry. In systematizing the nuts and bolts of running an efficient trampoline park franchise business, we’ve committed to protecting what’s most important: your time and resources.

Let’s defy gravity together.

As the minds behind Irvine, California-based Wild Rivers Waterpark, we’ve spent nearly 30 years in the amusement industry. This expertise puts us a step ahead of your standard “trampoline guys.” We have the collective industry know-how to construct and maintain a fully dynamic family entertainment experience, complete with a diverse attraction mix, multiple revenue streams, a mature marketing approach, and multi-generational appeal. Our logic is simple: if you build it, they will jump. But, if you streamline it, they will return. Whether you choose to operate your own park or hire a management team, Big Air offers all the tools you’ll need to set your trampoline park business on an upward trajectory and keep revenue coming in year-round. Available support includes the following:

  • Extensive training
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Marketing assistance
  • Site selection assistance
  • Guidance on day-to-day operations
  • …and more!

You can rely on Big Air’s team of experts to maximize your investment. After all, we’re not just “trampoline people.” We’re family people. We’re amusement industry people. Most of all, we’re results-oriented. Allow us to accompany you on the road to greater growth.